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BEWÖÖD is a brand of Lille created by the designer Laury Bonjean 4 years ago .
Fascinated for a long time by the design, the environment and growing up with a father "dabbler" who teaches to her to handle tools, she reinvents wooden jewels. Recognized and appreciated by these followers; subsidized by the City of Lille and registered on Le Petit Futé Lille 2018; BEWÖÖD is a brand)today reference in the field of the jewel and of the wooden bow tie.


With more than 20 shops in France and in Belgium, this graphic brand, in the Scandinavian inspirations illustrates perfectly a know-how mixing small business sector (assembly, paint, resin) and new technologies (lasercut), what makes a brand 100 % Made in Hauts-de-France.
Committed, BEWÖÖD is also a company which puts a lot into a program of reforestation with the Tree nursery NAUDET. The limitation of waste as well as the choice of environment-friendly natural materials are at the heart of this company. Laury Bonjean made jewels and wooden bow ties, inescapable delicate, ethical and responsible accessory of the fashion.

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